Food Pic of the Week III

I just had to do it.

Sometimes living in NYC, folks may roll their eyes at you if you ever mention that you eat (from time to time) at a chain restaurant. I used to be one of those people; but now, I ain’t too boogie to hit up a Dallas BBQ, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s and the like.

Last week, a friend posted to my Facebook an ad showing that Red Lobster has jumped into the waffle game. Basically, instead of fried chicken, the restaurant has rolled out Lobster and Waffles. As a fan of chicken and waffles, I just had to try it.


The verdict: 

The dish was just ok. Do not get me wrong, I was not expecting an AMAZING dish. Hell, I was not even expecting the dish to look like the image from the menu.

Image courtesy of

Basically, the waffle batter has more or less the same taste/flavor as the cheesy biscuits but with a sweetener. BTW, the waffles already are a little sweet, so one really does not need to add any of the “maple” syrup to the dish. The lobster component is a little weird, because I do not think that I have ever had fried lobster before. Fried lobster takes a little getting used to. Also, I know that you the lobster shell is supposed to be served with lobster meat (or is it?). But, in this dish’s case, I think that it is perfectly acceptable to fry the lobster meat and put it on top of the waffle, without the shell. I mean, with the fried shell, it looks like someone put the lobster meat and trash on top of the waffle.

I probably will never order this dish again, but it piqued my interest enough to try.

Of course, a visit to Red Lobster would not be complete without a big ol’ ig’nant ass drink . . . in this case, a “lobsterita”, which is just a damn margarita.


Oh one more kind of funny thing. I arrived to the restaurant a little early and I needed a stiff drink. Since I knew that I would be getting an ig’nant drink, I asked for a Long Island Iced Tea . . . I had a rough day at work. Here, was my exchange with the bartender.

[Bartender]: Would you like to add another shot to the Long Island Iced Tea?

[Me]: *Confused* Do you mean that you are going to add another shot of each of the five liquors?

[Bartender]: What are you talking about? We prepare Long Island Ice Teas with four liquors – vodka, gin, rum and triple sec. We do not put tequila in the Long Island Iced Teas at this location

[Me]: Well, tequila is the one liquor that makes the drink fun. Y’all need to change the name of the drink to something like Roosevelt Island Iced Tea.


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