Food Pic for the Week II


A big bowl of spicy pork ramen from Mentoku (9th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets).


I do not think that I have ever seen french fries feature on a menu at a ramen restaurant. I guess that you have to have something for the kids.

Oh random. Last night, I came up with a new drink, called “shamlabu” . . . I think that’s how I spell it. The Shamlabu is a frozen drink that contains vodka, tequila, pear nectar (I have no idea why we have pear nectar in the apt), passion fruit margarita mix, ground pepper, honey, coffee beans, and sriracha.


For inventing this drink, I was pretty parodying the somewhat pretentiousness of adult beverages in many NYC establishments.  Some of these crazy bars and restaurants have drinks that are 18 bucks and are made with 90 damn random ingredients, which takes about 20 minutes to make. Ninety is a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean.  Last night, five of us when to a restaurant where all of the drinks had about 8 ingredients in them. The damn appetizers arrived to the table before the drinks. I was already in a crappy mood, because of a rough day in the office. In my opinion, an alcoholic beverage should not have more than 4 ingredients in it . . . including the ice. Hell even some bartenders are referring to themselves as “mixologists”


  1. I still want to go to the brunch place you talked about with the unlimited sangria options! LOL Sounds amazing! Ramen places are becoming somewhat popular around Dallas too. Are you on Yelp? I’m going to try & find you if so 🙂

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  2. Raman can be hit or miss with me. Since it’s really popular, many places are overcharging for a bowl or noodles and broth.

    Yup! You know my hatin’ ass is on Yelp 😉 Actually, I do not hate too much on Yelp, because most of my reviews are in the 4 star range. I really only hate on places (especially restaurants that serve booze and bars) that are cash only. On Yelp, I’m Kwame S, New York, NY

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