Fasting Intermittently

I know that I put this term in reverse order. Last week I was kind of dissing this eating program, where I fast for 16 hours and eat within a 8 hour time frame.

I have not weighed myself but I do have some positive (and not so positive) things to report:

  • Although it doesn’t look like I have lost a ton of weight, I think that I have lost a little (we’ll see what the scale says on Easter). The other day I wore one of my somewhat slutty long sleeved, tight shirts and I didn’t look too disgusting … just a little. 😉
  • When I break the fast, I notice that I get fuller faster. Sometimes, I cannot finish restaurant portions of food. Normally, I would destroy this burrito plato, but I could eat only 1/2 of this. Random plug: If you are ever in lower Harlem, check out Dirty Cash/Sexy Taco on Lennox and W116.img_1186I was kind of disappointed, because this shit was gooooooood. I did pick the meat other of the other half though.
  • Sometimes I do not realize I have not eaten by 4 PM, but usually occurs when I have 80 million things to do at
  • I am drinking more water; however, it may be too much. Before starting the fasting program, I would drink about 3-4 liters of water a day. Now, I’m close to 5.5-6 liters.the thirst is real.gif
  • I drink way too much coffee (and diet coke). Keep in mind, I rarely drank coffee before starting this fasting program. Btw, these flavored diet cokes are amazing. img_1181                                                            It was very zesty.
  • Since I’m drinking more liquids (outside of booze), I’ve been pissing more. Now, my job is very meeting based, so I have too make sure that I go twice before a meetingpee.gif
  • I think that I’m smoking more cigarettes. Matter of fact, I’m smoking as I write this entry.
  • I drink less booze during my slore adventures, because I’m buzzed after 4 gin n sodas.
  • I constantly have to be doing something so I can ignore my food cravings. This past Sunday, I was home all damn day and I was constantly grubbing. In my defense, I do not fast on Sundays, since the Lord (well, maybe a pope) says that you don’t have to fast on Sundays during Lent.

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