“Training” Update

Injuries suck!!! At least with this latest saga with my elbow’s tendinitis, I have been focusing a lot on lower body exercises and cardio that targets the booty, quads and calves.

Monday: Zumba and ABS and ASS class

This was not a great day for me, as I described in my rant this Zumba class (***). However, I did have a great time in my first ABS and ASS class. Ok, if I did not have any injuries, I would not have given this class a second thought because it was not intense at all. However, it was a perfect class for someone who is experiencing lower back issues. The class was a glorified yoga class, but my lower back did feel a lot better after attending this class. As a matter of fact, I signed up for today’s class. Originally, I attended this class, because I wanted to ensure that I would get a good spot in Zumba, which is held in the same studio after ABS and ASS. Today, I want to go for the class itself. Never judge a book by its cover.

Speaking of last week’s Zumba incident. I will use a mantra from “Amigas y Rivales”, a Mexican telenovela that I used to watch. Like Roxana, I will have to repeat to myself in a calm manner. “No voy a ir a la carcel. No voy a ir a la carcel. No voy a ir a la carcel. NO QUIERO IR A LA CARCEL!”


Basically, she is telling herself that she is not going jail, because of some other chicks.


It was the thought that counts, because she did, in fact, go crazy and tried to kill damn near the entire cast. Good for Roxana. 😉

Tuesday: Spin Class

I went to another Crunch gym, since I had to give a presentation at John Jay College. Sometimes, I get very overwhelmed when I visit another gym, because I do not know where anything is and I feel like I’m in everyone’s way. This becomes problematic, because NYC (specifically midtown Manhattan) does not have much space, so a lot of the Crunch gyms have 3 – 4 levels. I’m kind of too lazy to invest a lot of brain “power” to understand the layouts of different gyms. You know, you can’t teach an old (indifferent) dog new tricks. I randomly attended a spin class, which was ok. Since I did not plan to attend a spin class, I did not have spin shoes, so I had to do the class in my regular tennis shoes. Man, I do not ever want to do a spin class in tennis shoes again.

Wednesday and Thursday: Rest

Well, Thursday was a rest day, because I had a little too wine much while stuffing my face with seafood in Astoria the night before, so I was a tad bit hungover.


Spoke too soon about my back.  I was going to lift but my back was NOT having it. Actually, I think that I have narrowed down the exercise that aggravates my back when I do lower body stuff. Basically, the calf press on the leg press machine is doing bad things to the back. I noticed some pain with lower weights, so rather than “pushing” through I did some stretches and completed easy cardio.

Saturday: Zumba

I was really disappointed, because I did not get much out of this weekly class. The normal instructor has been out for some time because of a knee injury. Saturday was his first time back – I think that he has been out for almost a month. Basically, he was a bit rusty with his routine. Being rusty is totally understandable, because he has been away for some time. However, the music still should have been on point. Not having your playlist ironed out is one of my pet peeves regarding Zumba, or any dance-based cardio class. For me, it’s really annoying to have the instructor stop the class after every song to find the song that he/she would like to play next. I mean, the class is about 45 minutes long. You mean to tell me that you cannot put together a playlist of 10-15 songs for a class that you have been teaching for a while? Hell, I could do that.

Sunday: Not a damn thing.

Well, I was going to do some physical activity. Although there are no weekend requirements for this job, I told myself that I would like to go in on Sundays for a couple of hours, so I can get a jump on the week. For most Monday morning, I am basically catching up on emails, so a quiet Sunday in the office would be a great way to get that crap out of the way. Actually, I pretty much stayed in the apartment all damn day; I left at 7 PM only to get some food. However, I was somewhat productive, because I cleaned the place and did a couple loads of laundry.

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