Bah Humbug Training Update

Ugh, my fitness goals are all of the freaking place and nonexistent at the same time. Just last week, I was thinking that I hate not having anything to train for. These series of injuries really have put a damper in my fitness goals. I think the back injury is over and the tendinitis in my left arm is recovering.

Intermittent Fasting Woes

I do not know how well this intermittent fasting thing is going. Just to refresh your memory, I decided to do this fast as giving up something for Lent, which is from Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14, 2018) to Holy Thursday (Mar. 29th, 2018). Typically for this season, one is supposed to give up something for 40 days . . . in my case, I guess that I’m giving eating for 16 hours every day. Although this is a religious tradition and I not super religious, I like to give up something every year just to tell myself that I can live without something. Before you ask. No, I have not given up cigarettes or booze during Lent. I mean, word on the street is that Jesus did turn water into wine, so I’m sure that he probably turned water into hard liquor too. I really do not have any excuses for the smoking vice. Ok, I’m getting off topic.

The point of all of this rambling. Basically it has been about 26 days into the fast, and I have not seen any noticeable changes in my physical appearance. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know that 26 days is no time on a diet  on an improved eating program, but I was expecting to notice SOMETHING. I have not actually weighed myself, because I want to save that for the end as a big finale. But, it looks like my big finale will be a bust. . . because I will be busting out of my pants 😉 I really do not get it. I have been working out more or less the same since December, but I’m eating less (and somewhat healthier). I just do not know what I’m doing wrong. Also, it’s annoying that when I see people who live more unhealthily lifestyles than me (yes, there are people who live more unhealthy than I) lose weight by changing one thing.

I swear, I’m going to be very upset if I do not see significant weight loss by Easter aka “Welcome Back, Jesus” Day.

Let me stop there, because I feel like this entry could go down a very dark path, and I still need to saving some hating energy for the rest of the day. . . today is monday Zumba day. I’m going to bring it back to the original idea of this post, training for an event.

The “Event”

As of this morning the BF and I, booked a week getaway to Cancun in June. To be more specific, our trip is in 97 days!!! I know that Cancun is pretty much a typical tourist trap, but I wanted have a super lazy vacation. This means going to an all-inclusive resort, drinking fruity, sugary drinks, laying on the beach, and stuffing my face at the buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well . . . the resort does have a few swim up bars, so that will be my physical activity. Perhaps, I will fit in a SCUBA diving excursion.

Matter of fact, we are going to the same resort where my cousin had his wedding a few years ago. 

The funny/sad thing is that I was drunk in each picture. (Left) I had gotten back to my hotel room at 8 AM after sloring all night outside of the tourist areas in Cancun (Yo queria practicar my espanol). Matter of fact, I have a gin and juice in my hand. (Middle) The family took an excursion to Las Islas Mujeres and I wanted a pic with our tour guide. . . who was a fun nut. (Right) I had had it with family time, so I ventured out own my own on another night in Cancun. The funny thing is that my aunt was stayed up waiting for me in our hotel room, like I was late for curfew. Well I did arrive at 4 AM. LOL, I was so trashed that I need to take a nap on the beach before my cousin’s actual wedding.

TMI warning (highlight this line to find out). Ugh, my goddamn  poop had a blueish color and  I vomited in the ocean. Oh well, YOLO. I had a blast at Club Once/Once.

My updated training goal is to get a least somewhat beach ready by Jun 18th. I kind of have some ideas of how I can improve some physical issues regarding my workouts and (most importantly) my diet.

Question: How do you get over not meeting your physical goals, especially in regards to weight? Help a brotha out.


  1. Everyday is a new day, I know there are some people are all or nothing when it comes to weight loss and their fitness journeys but you really can’t look at it like that. I also tend to not be real restrictive when it comes to food (thankfully I don’t have food allergies & etc) nor do I look at scales because I really don’t have to at this point in my life due to the insane amount that I run 😉 BUT when I was losing weight I really did take it day by day. Small changes always make a huge difference in the long run. That’s really how I’ve been able to keep the weight off and not be the 200+ pound girl that I was in college.


    • Since I’m used to being a scientist, I have be condition to show results (other folks have to do this). Basically, you could work on an experiment for weeks and if it did not work, then it is like you did not do anything. I kind of feel the same way about this weight issue. However, I feel kind of bad feeling like this, because it’s not like I’m obese. BUUUUUTTTT, I would like to look nice(r) on a beach. Word on the street is that cocaine is an appetite suppressant . . . perhaps that could be the next step 😉 Wait, maybe meth would be cheaper. 😉


      • I gotcha…I am no scientist, I just know what works for me. And I’ve never been OBESE per se, maybe “thicker than a snicker” but no aunt Jemima or anything. But I know RESULTS, and I have experience with weight loss so I was just offering my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. Best of luck, I know all about the vanity weight stuff too. 😉 I also suggest you start writing down what you are eating if you are serious about dropping pounds.


      • Not aunt Jemima. She has a nice figure for an older woman 😉

        I have been using fitness pal, but maybe I’m not putting in the right portion sizes for stuff. Or the calories for certain foods are lower on the app than what they actually are. I dunno.

        Man, I am so glad that I saved up some of my hatin’ energy, because I surly needed it for Zumba class.


      • Wouldn’t I burn more calories sloring, since I would be getting my groove on? 😉 Well . . . I tend to over eat post-sloring. There’s noting like a late night taco (or three).

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  2. I guess the biggest thing that has helped is making my eating boring. Food used to be exciting and I’d think all the time about what I was going to eat. Now seeing a movie, hiking, etc, really anything other than food is the excitement and I eat pretty well the same thing each day- it’s fuel, not entertainment. It’s helped me keep off the 60+ pounds I’ve lost


  3. I hear ya. It’s SO frustrating to be doing ‘healthy’ things and not to see the results you want. I can totally relate.

    Have you ever calculated your macros? (what a seriously boring question! haha)

    I’ve used the one on this site:
    and found it pretty helpful to get an idea of what “ideal” macros should be. But then, it does require some MyFitnessPal tracking to see if you’re on target. I don’t track every day (I absolutely hate it) but once or twice a month, before bed, I will go back and put in everything I ate the whole day just to see how far off I am. It helps!

    Just a thought. 🙂

    Looking forward to your zumba hatin’ later on!

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    • Thanks for the link about the macros. I’ve considered looking into factoring macros, but I’ve been a little lazy. I check it out now that I have some time before a meeting.

      Oh, I just posted my Zumba rant/hate session blog entry.

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