(Training) Update

The title of this entry is a bit weird, because I’m not training for anything and I barely did anything last week.

A fast from the fast


This weekend, I wanted to let my hair down and not be bound too much by my 16/8 hour intermittent fast. On Sat, I went to a bday party, which had an open bar at bougie bar. You know that I can go to town at an open bar – Manhattan (a whisky martini) was my best friend that evening.


I was imitating a woman, who was taking all of skanky photos (probably for her Instagram)

After the party, which was in midtown, a few of us wanted to shake out booties in Jackson Heights. Unfortunately, I could not shake my booty too much, since my infected toe was killing me. Also, I just was not feeling it; I wanted to eat tacos and cuddle with the bf. Maybe, I am getting to the age where I do not want to slore after midnight. Or, getting to the age where I’m more attracted to a taco than more booze. Actually, I think that I have to be a little more inebriated to enjoy that slore life (I think the beverages at the open bar were a little watered-down. I had 8 Manhattans and was barely tipsy). Also,  I am becoming that guy that is screaming why the music is so damn loud?!! loudHonestly, your club has about 20 folks in it, so you should bring the music down a few notches. Just saying.

Oh, gentrification really has hit Jackson Heights, because a simple gin and soda (yes, I was mixing my dark and light liquors) was 12 damn dollars!!! Beverages used to be 8 bucks at that particular club. Do not be trying to charge Manhattan prices in Queens . . . deep Queens at that.

I think that my friend and I stayed at that particular for about 15 minutes or two gin and sodas, before we hit up some Mexican food. Clearly, I was way outside of my feeding window but I couldn’t resist a big ass order of chilaquiles. Even though I did not have a taco for my “dinner”, I did order a taco to go for the cab ride home . . .


If you are ever in NYC and you want some down-home latin food, you need to take a trip to Jackson Heights. It’s a little out of the way, but it is totally worth it. I especially love Tierras Colombianas.

tierras colombianas.jpg

 You can get a crap ton of food for under 20 bucks. Por ejemplo, the Bandeja Campesina is $15 bucks, and you get grilled steak, crispy pork, rice and beans, an arepa, plantains, eggs, and an MFing avocado.


The next day at 9 AM, I had to judge a high school science fair. The organization that was hosting the fair had a sit-down breakfast that consisted of eggs, hash browns, sausage and bacon, and a shit ton of assorted pastries. Since starting this fast, where my first meal of the day is around 2:30 pm, I have forgotten how much I love breakfast food. I even got seconds.


I’m pretty much in quicksand with my injuries (toe infection, back pain, and now my left arm). Since my left arm is the latest thing on my injury list, I cannot even lift weights or do most body weight exercises. Actually, I guess that I still can lift, only if I work out the right side of my body. Yes, I know that I am a mess. Although I am not an MD  (see my previous rant, ***), I’m pretty sure that I have acute tendinitis in my elbow, so I’m pretty much doing RICE to treat it. In terms of working out, this has been a week of Zumba, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines without using the arm handles.

Regarding the toe infection, I had a great LOL moment (well, it was a rant that became an LOL). Essentially, it took me three days to get my prescription. After my dr.’s apt, I went to pick up my prescription, which was not at the CVS. Later, I found out that the damn dr’s office did not call in the prescription. Wasting time because of other people’s fuck ups is one of my biggest pet peeves. However, I do not mind wasting my own time. The next day I went to CVS, but the pharmacy did not have the prescription. The followingcvs.gif day, this hot mess of a conversation place. Keeping in mind that I already was in attitude mood, because this was my third time going to that damn CVS. I go to the counter and give the pharmacist lady my name and my birth date. She looks at me weird and spouts out an address in Virginia and tells me that my address on my driver’s license does not match the Virginia address. Ok, this has happened before, so I tell her that is my father’s address . . . we have the same name. Then, she asks if I’m sure. Yes, b*tch, I’m pretty sure that I know my father’s name. In an accusatory tone, she says that it is weird/funny that we have the same name. I swear to a bottle of Hendricks, I was so close to saying something like: I’m sure if you knew the fathers of any of your eight kids then they may have their fathers’ names. Note (again): I was in a crabby mood. The manager finally figured out what happened, even though I gave her my birth date, she just went by the name and clearly there are two KOS’s in the CVS prescription system. But then my question is: Do I look like a 69 year old man?!!! so clearly I’m the other KOS. These are the people filling our prescriptions. She probably gave me the wrong prescription. 😉

There was some other rant that I was supposed to whine about, but I’m running late for a meeting.

Oh I remember.

Why don’t people have their necessary things ready by the time they get to the cashier?!!!! Honestly, I was in the pharmacy line for like 20 minutes, but the woman in front of me took forever to find all of her stuff. Picking up a prescription, you know that you will need some form of an ID, money, and your damn insurance/prescription card. Why not prepare that crap while you are waiting in line? The woman actually, had to dump the contents of her purse on the counter. Totally unacceptable.

Also, this crap applies to people riding the bus. You know that you will have to swipe your metrocard; have that shit ready. . . it’s too cold outside to be waiting for you to get your life together.

Ok, I guess this has become a bitch/rant/complain session, rather than a training update. Hey, at least I’m self-aware of my constant complaining.



  1. “it’s too cold outside to be waiting for you to get your life together.”

    YESSSSSS!!! LOL Your rants make me happy. I can SO relate and they remind me of things I’ve accidentally forgotten to rant about myself! Venting is good! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I ❤️ you Kwame. You had me rollin’ at like eight different points—tacos, eight kids, 69 year old man. And I third the I do not have time for you to get your life together sentiment. I cannot take that shit when I wait in line with someone for 10 minutes and then they don’t have their shit ready! WTF were you doing? Omg, I can’t.

    Liked by 1 person

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