Ugh, I’m falling apart over here

Last week really did a number on my body.

The back still is screwed up. I’m pretty much in the same position where I can do everything except run. We are getting closer to the United Half-Marathon and I’m kind of getting in FOMO mode, because everyone is excited about their training and race prep. Bah humbug.

Last week, I guess that leg day was a little too damn intense, because my quads are killing me. I do not even want think about walking down flights of stairs to and from my office.leg day

I definitely will have to make an appointment with a foam roller tonight.

What’s next on the injury list?

I did something to my left arm, so I cannot fully extend it. I believe this happened after my intense elliptical intervals, because I did 1 min on (at max resistant) and 2 min off interval workout for 60 minutes.

arm and chest.jpg

Finally, I have a stupid infection between my pinky and ring toes and that mess hurts. It


 hurts to the point where I cannot wear dress shoes for work, so I look kind of weird wearing running shoes in an office setting. My running shoes are the only type of shoes that are wide enough to let me walk without any pain. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment with a podiatrist this week and maybe he can scrap that crap off. Tough acting Tinacin my black ass.

Even though I have a growing laundry list of injuries and random BS, I had a great Zumba experience last Saturday. Foot injury be damned!!! The regular Zumba instructor had better reclaim his class soon, because the two substitute teachers’ classes have been way better than his. I’m just joking; I really hope Fabian’s knee gets better. Saturday’s substitute was an amazing instructor. I used to take some her Videography classes at another Crunch gym. Basically, every month we learned a new dance routine, based off of a popular music video. If memory serves me correctly, I think that we did choreography for Beyonce’s Formation; Britney Spear’s Toxic, Beyonce’s Partition; and something from Usher. I was kind of sad when my home Crunch gym stop hosting those classes. I think the choreography was too hard for some folks, so the attendance dropped significantly. Actually, I take that back. Since each month was a specific artist’s song, it was hard to play catch up if you missed one or two weeks.  As a matter of fact, I think the gym put some pole dancing class in its place. Wait. Or, was it the Turnin’ Tricks class – a cardio-based striptease class. *eye roll*

Fasting and Food:

Second week into my intermittent fast program has been going ok; however, I have not noticed any weight loss (you’ll see why below). Then again, I’ve weighed myself only once. However, I think that my body is getting used to having its first meal after 3 PM. I have noticed that I do not have to eat that much once the 16 hour fast is over.

Trying new things: After my fast on Saturday, I had a weird craving for the food of my West African people and decided to explore some spots near my apt in Harlem. Little did I know that 7th Avenue, which is known as Adam Clayton Powell Avenue, is also known as Africa Ave – perfect! I found a Senegalese place, but I was really annoyed. One: the restaurant only had 3 of the 15 things on the menu. WTF? Two (this should have been a red flag): the restaurant did not have couscous, which is kinda of like Pizza Hut running out of pizza. My fish, rice, and cabbage meal looked like a plate of vomit. Buuuuut, the waitress was really nice.


Such an unfortunate way to end a 16-hour fast.

Oh three: the restaurant did not have diet coke; instead it had diet 7-UP. Who still drinks 7-UP? I remember that my great aunt used to make 7-UP pound cake when we were children.

I will admit that I did not fast on Sunday, because the BF did not have to work until 3PM, which is very rare, so we had brunch at Amy Ruth’s (a soul food place known for chicken a waffles). We rarely get to brunch together, since he works in the food industry and works during brunch. Random: Why is chicken and waffles considered southern food? Growing up in the South (granted, it wasn’t the Deep South), I’ve never seen chicken and waffles combined. College (’98-02) was the first time that I heard about this combination, because folks from California always were whining that there were no chicken and waffle places in New Orleans. Geez, just eat a beignet and shutup.

Our trip to Amy Ruth’s was the first time that I have eaten there in over eight years, and I was really disappointed. My steak was overcooked (my fault for getting a steak at a waffle joint) and the restaurant smelled like old ass chicken grease. After brunch I had to take a shower and change clothes because the smell was embedded on me. I hate smelling like food after I have eaten or cooked.


Man, I think that the weekend needs to be three days. Unfortunately, I was not able to do all of the things that I needed to do around apartment, like meal prepping for the week. This means that I probably will eat crap during the week.

I’m beginning the blab about too many random things, so I think that I will end this entry here.


  1. Have you ever had somebody watch you run? I feel like you can’t run right because run is so much more high impact than any of the activities or work outs you do, but I wonder if your stride could lessen the pain? As someone who constantly needs to work on her form – I supinate badly, and it gets worse the faster I run – this was just something I was thinking about for you.


  2. The only thing that I have done close to that was run on a treadmill at one of the running store to find a shoe that would best suit my needs. However, that was several years ago. It may be worth it to do it again.


  3. Ugh. Injuries suck. Especially when they seem to just compound. I hope you can sort out everything going on and get yourself back on track for running.

    I laughed at the chicken and waffles thing. I’m from the south and definitely never enjoyed that as a regular thing in my house growing up. Granted, my granddad would sometimes fry chicken for breakfast/brunch on a Sunday but that was rare! And also served with biscuits like a true southerner! LOL. We’re also known for some hot chicken around these parts and that too is something I never had growing up. Funny that’s it’s now synonymous with Nashville.


  4. Oh African food!! We have a lot of Ethiopian places here. Something with lentils in a spongey wrap I have it tried it was…interesting. Not sure about any other type of African spots but for some reason we have a ton of Ethiopian spots in Dallas. lol. And of course Tex Mex and a sprinkle of Caribbean. Actually I discovered a Bahamian place near my mama. I’ll have to go check it out and report back.

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