Random Gym Thoughts

This is a list of most of things that I say to myself at the gym.

Cardio Equipment:

  • I really hope that I can get a machine by a fan.
  • This 45-minute workout feels like 3 days.
  • How do people watch TV and do a cardio workout? I can’t multitask that well?
  • The BO is real.
  • Why do people come to the gym just to talk on the phone for their entire duration on a treadmill?


  • Why doesn’t this place have more benches or lifting spaces?
  • Man, this space really is tight. Will today be the day that someone bumps my bench press bar and decapitate me?
  • Speaking of decapitation, I wonder who is my emergency contact? I have not updated that form since I joined Crunch Fitness, back in 2010
  • Will this be the day that I can do bench presses?
  • Must you grunt so loudly? Your weights are not THAT heavy.
  • Can my back handle deadlifts today? No worries, that area is full of people.
  • I never work out my forearms.
  • I really hope that guy doesn’t fall over.
  • Damn, I guess one has to be in great shape BEFORE working out at this gym.

Locker Room:

  • There already are four half-naked to full-naked guys here, must you come over here to change?
  • Why does the steam room take to long to get to temperature?
  • Will this be the day that I’ll get a fungal infection in/on one of my feet?
  • Yay, warm towels.
  • Boo. These towels are so rough that one of my nipples will be “sandpapered” off of my chest.
  • I’m smell like a nice steak/grilled chicken. Crunch gym uses some lemon basil soap from Bliss Spa.


  1. I found the greatest cardio machine ever. I’ve had to use the armbike quite a bit since my injury. It’s situated right in front of two rowing machines that have fans built in and they blow right at the back of the armbike. As long as 2 people are rowing, I’m good to go!

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