Training Update (Not Feeling It)

Nene’s meme totally reflects this rainy NYC day . . . So nasty and so rude.

This really has been a blah week for me. For each week that passes, the more and more I think that I will not run the United Half Marathon next month (or even the NYC Marathon in Nov.). I am still struggling with my back issue, essentially there is not much else I can do beside my PT exercises. The back pain is not completely debilatating, because I can do everything EXCEPT run more than three miles. It’s getting to the point where I do not want to spend money on these expensive races just to finish. I actually want to finish with decent times. What’s the point of paying $200+ bucks for a marathon and running the it without giving my all. Or, knowing in the back of mind that I could have done better if not for my back issues. That said, I have only four more days to decide if I want to sign up for the NYC Marathon.

During last week, I really was not feeling training/working at all. It seems no matter what I do, I look and feel the same. Monday, I finally went to see the doctor for a long overdue physical; it has been a little over 2.5 years since my last one (I normally go every year). Somehow, in these 2.5 years. I have gained about 15 pounds. Thus, I was kind of down during the week with a “what’s the point of going to the gym” mentality. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but I have been watching what I eat and drink.

Oh, in good news. Although I have put on a few pounds over the past few years, all of my blood and urine tests were within normal ranges – EVEN MY LIVER ENZYMES. Ha! I celebrated the latter with a margarita and a few martinis 😉

Monday: “Hip Hop” Dance Class

This was an interesting class that I wrote about in an early post (***).

Tuesday and Wednesday: Blah.

Thursday: Attempted Run and Elliptical

Since I was in high hopes, because I did not have any back pain during the previous week, I decided to try to run, which was a disaster. I struggled just to run 2.5 miles and I had to take a couple of walk breaks. I supplemented the run with some time on the elliptical training. Why did I even bother to attempt the run?

Friday: Strength training, indoor cycle, and stairclimber

There is NOTHING like working out on a Friday night, because no one is at the gym. One can do all of the supersets that he/she desires, although I was unable to get on to a bench press.

Saturday: Makeshift Zumba

I WAS supposed to go Zumba class at 9:30 (the class with the shoe nut, (***), but I decided to sleep in before teaching my Biology class.

Speaking about teaching, I totally killed it on my student’s evaluations for my two sections last semester. Both of my sections scored higher than the other Gen. Bio sections and all of the other courses in the Biological Sciences Department for the Fall semester. Yay Me.

Since I still in a Zumba mood after class (and several naps), I found a few of Zumba Youtube videos to do at home. I will say that the home experience did not match the in-class vibe. Also, the quality of many of the YouTube videos were not that great. However, they were free and I cannot complain too much.


After flipping through many video, I found this one to be the best full length routine.


Food Prep:

Oh yeah. I did attempt to make a wonderful Quinoa Tofu Bowl for my weekly meal prep.

Unfortunately, it did not look like the dish from the website, but it was delicious. Here’s the recipe that I tried (***).

Upcoming week’s food prep: “Moroccan” Chicken and Chickpea Stew (***).

I decided to substitute chicken for lamb and prepare quinoa for a little more sustenance. According to the BF, my food is too spicy; hopefully, this prep has just right enough of heat for me and him . . . I’ll probably will have to add a little Sriracha to my dishes. Random: saffron is so freaking expensive.




  1. OMG, spicy food is the best! I put Siracha in my grits this morning. I’m so sorry training is going shitty and you’re back is being a pain in the ass. I’m still hoping you have a relative quick recovery. Even if you don’t run the marathon, you still have time to get back into 5k/10k/ half marathon form at some point this year.

    P.S. Go back to Zumba with the shoe nut! I need to hear if she’s still a freak!


    • The annoying thing with the my back is I can do everything except run. The recovery is going too slowly for me, because this has been affecting me since the end of December.

      Zumba with Shoe Nut will be Saturday . . . if I do not oversleep again.

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