(Late) Random Thursdays: TV Edition

Here are some of my favorite (and not so favorite) shows .  . . thanks to Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube

Shows that I typically watch on a weekly basis – in no particular order.

Oldies but goodies that I can’t get enough – the shows that one watches so many times that you can recite dialogue from the shows.

My guilty pleasures (just a taste)

I’m pretty much a fan of most forensic-type of show on Investigation Discovery. Other  shows include Blood, Lies, and Alibis, Southern Fried Homicide, Homicide Hunter, Betrayed, Snapped, Forensic Files, and Nightmare Next Door. I know there are a couple that I’m forgetting. The sad thing is that many of the stories are repeated on the various TV shows.

My Youtube vids

I do not really “watch” these Youtubers; I mainly listen to them while doing stuff. Basically, this is where I get all of my gossip information and recaps of shows that I do not really watch (especially, the ratchety reality TV shows). Since some of my shows have gotten a little stale over the past few years/seasons,  I will listen to their recaps before watching the actual show. Sometimes the damn recaps are better than the damn show. 4 its rox probably is my favorite, because her commentary is very easy to listen to/watch without all of the over the top frills and she is very laid back. Recently, the Queen’s Court was getting very popular but they (Khai and TS Madison) had a HUGE setback that I hope they can come back from.

Shows that I kind of hate but watch anyway. 

I know “This is Us” is everyone favorite, but it’s waaaaay to sappy for me. Honestly, I never get too emotionally invested in TV shows (maybe the majority of shows that I watch are kinda of dumb and sitcomy). What’s the point? I have too  much crap to worry about in real life. For “This is Us”, I find many of the characters (not the actors) very annoying, except for Beth, Toby, Rebecca, and (to some extent) Randall. Wait a minute. Basically, I am annoyed with any of the characters that have Pearson DNA.

Oh, I forgot to add Fuller House, but that is on the list because the BF watches that show in the morning.

What shows  do you love or hate? Any guilty pleasure shows? You know, the shows where you  delete  your Hulu or Netflix viewing history after watching them. 


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