Where are my keys? I lost my phone

I’ve had a little bit too much, much
All of the people start to rush.
Start to rush by.
A dizzy twister dance
Can’t find my drink or man.
Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone.


Ok, now that I (and many other WordPressers) have completed the TCS NYC Marathon, one has to wonder what’s next. This week has been a whirlwind of recovery and cleaning up things at my soon to be former job. Although I was not at 100%, I did go to Zumba class just two days after the marathon. Class was fun but it was a bit of a struggle for me, because front of my thighs0794c0174d7c112e8c8be33167bfe54c--dance-fitness-zumba-fitness still were sore. Even though I did not fully recover, I still wanted to hit up Zumba, because it was going to be my last Zumba class at this particular Crunch Fitness in Brooklyn.

Since I’m starting my new job on Monday, I do not think that I will be able to commute from Morningside Heights to Forte Greene by 7 PM on Tuesday. Actually, maybe I could make it, but I definitely will not make the commute once I move to Harlem. Hopefully, the next Zumba class I find will be as good as this one. As most know, I religiously attended this Tuesday Zumba class, so I am going to miss it a lot.

Getting “Skinny”

Although training (even half-assed training) for a marathon is a tremendous feat, I am not too happy about my physical condition and outward appearance. I do not think that I’m “fat”, but I feel like I am. Going further, I would love to drop a few pounds, specifically 15 pounds over the next 4 months. I think this will be tougher than training for a marathon, because I LOVE eating. This will be tough, because most people say that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Forget it, maybe I’ll save up some cash and get lipo 😉 I wish that I could grown fur on my stomach and shave a six pack.


Starting Monday, I will begin to make some drastic changes to my diet; however, gin will stay in the diet. I am pretty good for breakfast and lunch but dinner and social activities throw off my caloric intake. Also, I do not sleep that much, so my leptin (the hormone that decreases appetite) and ghrelin (the hormone that increases appetite) levels probably are all off. So here’s to a skinnier Dr. KOS

The lyrics from above, as some may know, is from Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”. Last night I went out to celebrate leaving my current job and I ended up losing my phone. It was so dumb, I managed to request an Uber and I must have dropped it either in the Uber or on the street. Well, maybe it is at the BF’s house. Yes, I was a little intoxicated. Jokingly I hold him personally responsible, because he would not let me play my drunk music (Cardie B’s “Bodak Yellow” or anything from Gloria Trevi) through the Uber driver’s speakers.

Here to a fun and relaxing weekend. Any fun weekend plans?



  1. Totally sang that too! Note: Sunday, the day after my marathon, my friend and I were gifted with FREE 14th row seats to see Gaga in Indy. OMG, it was a show! And she played “Just Dance.”

    Anyway, I lost 20 the first 4 months of the year by eating cleaner and staying consistent with exercise. I also used MyFitnessPal. As far as restaurants go, I feel that it isn’t always correct, but is spot on when Chris cooks and he loads all the ingredients for me. I didn’t gain weight or lose weight training for the marathon. And while I know I’m probably in the best shape of my adult life, I hate my legs. I feel like there’s a layer of flab on them and would love to see my muscles pop more. I’m not sure even I lose another 10 pounds if that’ll happen – and my doctor doesn’t want to me to more than 10 pounds under where I am now.

    Anyway, good luck with everything! I still plan on writing and reading now that my marathon is over.

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  2. It’s amazing the wonders losing weight will do for your running. I actually used to weigh 200 lbs. (see my bio) and now down to 135 due to high mileage (and work stress LOL) my marathon times are consistently now below 3:50. I’d definitely like to BQ in the future – but ultras are so fun just trying to find a balance and time to get faster. Best of luck with your journey!


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