I was supposed to write this yesterday but I got too busy at work (not saying that I post things while I’m at work 😉 ).

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA): The MTA has been releasing these newmetro card buses with free Wi-Fi and USB hubs to charge your mobile devices. So now, there will be even more people screaming onto their phones and having the most ignorant conversations via FaceTime on the bus. Just Great! Since the MTA is releasing these buses, why not have buses that accept dollar bills. This is random, because I often forget when my weekly metro card will expire and I have to scrounge up $2.75 in coins (dimes and nickels) to pay my fare. I use dimes and nickels, because I need to save my quarters for laundry.

Morning people: I cannot stand chipper morning people. How and why are you so happy at 8 AM?


Moist: Why is moist such as “bad” word nowadays? I have noticed that many folks saymoist that they hate hearing the word “moist”. I guess the word implies something else. For me, I only think about cakes when I hear the word “moist”.

Racing: I signed up for the Bronx 10 mile race this weekend. I wonder why NYRR does not hold more races in the outer boroughs?

Racing II: Word on the street is the organizers for the Rock n Roll Race Series is cancelling Montreal’s marathon this weekend, because it will be too hot this weekend. The temperature is supposed to be in the mid 80’s this weekend, which is CRAZY for this time of year. I believe that they will still hold the 5K, 10K, and half-marathons.

Reading is fundamental: I feel so dumb, because I have not read a book (outside of51ufhRdDmBL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_ scientific literature and not related to my job) since May. I do not know why I stopped reading during my morning commute. Since I take two buses (rather than the subway) to work, I have more access to my data plan and I goof off on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other websites. Previously, I had to take the subway for commuting to work, so I could not really use my phone’s internet, so I would read books through my Kindle app. Now, I am reading “What Happened, Miss Simon” by Alan Light. Perhaps, I’ll incorporate book reviews in this blog.  . . . I will have to find something to blog about after the NYC Marathon in November.

Speaking of November: Is Movember, the campaign formed to raise awareness for men’s health (***), still a thing?


Musica: I really like Christian Castro’s “Azul”. The song came up on Spotify (specifically, on the “Latino Pop 2000” playlist) a few days ago and I cannot get it out of my head. It’s cheesy, poppy, super repetitive, full of random high notes. Plus, it is perfect for (S)karyoke. I have a weird love for singing random Spanish pop songs at karyoke.

That’s it for me. Any plans for this weekend?

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