TCS NYC Marathon Accessory Wish List

As D-Day (or M-Day, as I like to call it) approaches, I realized that there are a few things that I would like to have before the marathon. Plus, who doesn’t like a little retail therapy, from the comfort of his/her home? I just have a few things on this list; but of course, the list my grow over the couple of months.

Another pair of New Balance M880BR7

new balance (
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I have been meaning to buy a new pair of  the same shoes that I have been training with for the past few months. Also, I really like how these shoes feel for regular day-to-day wear. I wonder if I can find these in a different color, so I will not mismatch the old and new shoes.

Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air

iphone case (mophie)
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I know that I going to need extra battery juice, since I will be out and about all day for the marathon. For the last NYC Marathon that I ran, I was up from 5 AM to about 2 AM. *Y’all know that I had to get my party on after running 26.2 miles.* Although my new iPhone does not consume too much battery power, compared to that of my old iPhone, I do not want to run out of battery juice during the day. Although the marathon is all about running 26.2 miles, running certain apps (iTunes, Runtastic, Facebook, etc.) and taking picture utilize quite a bit of battery power. Plus, it may be nice to have a case for the phone, since I rarely use a phone case. I have never really been big on using phone cases, because I rarely drop my phone. I guess that’s one positive of having large hands. *Since I said that I rarely drop my phone, I probably have jinxed myself and will drop my phone today.*

A box (or a sh*t ton) of Mandarin orange Gu Energy Gels

gu mandarin orange (allstarthealth)
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And, yes! The flavor has to be mandarin orange!!!

A new pair of iPhone Earphones 

earphones (walmart)
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Although I do not believe in Walmart’s practices, these earphone are very cheap ~$9. I love these earphones because they fit perfectly in my ear (my ears, especially the right one, knows the difference between the ones from Apple and the knockoffs). Selecting this item was kind of random, because I noticed that my current headphones are getting a little worn-out. This means that the headphones will soon randomly start activating Siri, skipping or fast forwarding songs, playing music only in one ear, and other annoying crap that can cause mental frustration during a long run.

Play Harder Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeve

ice sleeve ( 74.99
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I have been meaning to purchase a pair of these calf sleeves for a while. These are a special calf sleeve in which you can put an ice pack inside of them for improved recovery. These sleeves are not for the marathon itself, but more so for the recovery after my long runs and the marathon. Also, I may need to throw in a pair of regular compression sleeves, with that.

A waistpack/hydration belt

hydration belt (amazon)
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Just a simple waist/hydration pack to hold my sports drink, Gu packets, IDs. For my past training runs, I have used an arm band that contains my IDs, metro card, debit card, and some cash and carry my water bottle. During my long training runs, I have noticed that I have been getting annoyed with carrying my water bottle.

That’s it for my wishlist . . . for now.

Any other marathon accessories recommendations? 

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  1. On my long runs, I just take a CamelBak backpack stuffed with Gatorade and some energy bars. I’d probably struggle without any kind of pack (waist/back). I can live without music on the runs, but water and fuel is more primitive I suppose 😀


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