NYC TCS Marathon Training Week 6

The feeling for this week is “dropping the ball.” It’s not even worth going through the day-by-day training activities.

All in all, I ran only 3 miles this week and that was my 5K race on Monday. I did some strength training and Zumba this week, so the training week was not a complete wash. . . I guess.

I really do not know what happened with regards to the lack of running this week. I think that my lack of running was due to the combination of the heat and social activities. For the past week, the heat has made me super lethargic. On top of that, my apt building has been really hot over the past few week, so I have not been sleeping well at all,  making me really tired the next day.

As for my social activities, I ate and drank too much during the week.


I meet up with a couple of my friends and went to one of my favorite seafood places in Astoria.

If you live in NYC or plan to visit soon, you must add this place to your list. Ok, the restaurant is not glamorous . . . at all, but the seafood is amazing, fresh, and relatively cheap. For a table of 4 people, we had a TON of food (a large red snapper, shrimp, mussels, octopus, scallops, potatoes and a salad) and our split was about 33 dollars a piece. Of course with good food one must have good wine, and I think that the four of us consumed a bottle of wine each. Then, we hit up a local bar for a couple more draaaanks. Clearly, I was not in the mood to run the next day.


During this week, I had a severe craving for peach cobble and waffles. Actually, I was craving peach cobble so badly that I was going to buy the ingredients to make one but the nearest grocery store was closed. What grocery store closes at 7:30pm? After a very boring day at work, I decided to have breakfast for dinner. Little did I know that there is an IHOP, within walking distance from my job.

Knowing about this IHoP in Flatbush could be a good or bad thing for my training program and waistline.

Saturday and Sunday

My true disappointment for this training week came during the weekend, because I did not do my long run (the most important part of a marathon training program). My long runs are scheduled for Saturdays. That way, if I screw up on Saturday, Sunday is my backup. Seems as if I screwed up both days during this week.

After picking up my race materials, I randomly ran into my beer club, so day drinking happened. No biggie, I will run on Sunday. Wrong!!! I ended up meeting another buddy in Jackson Heights (one of my favorite neighborhoods because of the Latin influences) and hung out & danced till about 4am.

The bars were very lively, because of Colombia’s Independence Day and there is a large presence of South Americans in JH. Although, the music could have been better at Friend’s Tavern. Why would I go to JH to hear mainstream pop music? I wanna here Latin music, duh.

Of course, I cannot go to JH and not have South American food.

Even though there are other great restaurants in the JH area, Cositas Ricas has always been a top favorite because it is one of the few restaurants that is open 24 hours a day. Although there prices have drastically gone up over the past few months (I blame gentrification), you can still get a huge plate of food for 13 bucks.

Unfortunately, I spent most of Sunday on the toilet, so running 11 miles was out the question. I’m pretty sure the strawberry batido, not the food, that caused my digestive issues. The folks made the shake with milk — milk + Swosei12 = digestive disASSter. But, I did spend Sunday watching the later seasons of “The Office”. It was nice to revisit the show because I kind of gave up on the show after season 4.


This was a great week for social activities; not so great for marathon training.

Goal for the week 

  1. Get back on the training wagon.
  2. Run a better 5K on for Thursday NYRR race than I did for Tuesday’s race.


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