Random Wednesdays

I guess that my Wednesday posts will just be a combo of my random thoughts.

For the city that never sleeps, it sure moves as if it is sleeping

IMG_0623I received some bad news about an opportunity on Monday, so I did not do my Monday Recovery Run. Instead, I figured that I could combine my 5.5 mi run and do Zumba afterwards. WRONG!!!! It took me 55 minutes to travel from work to the gym . . . a trip that should only take about 20 minutes, tops. By the time I arrived to the gym I only had time to run three, instead of five miles. It’s so funny how the fares for the Metropolitan Transit Authority keep going up but the service and efficiency keeps going down. This organization should really change it’s name, because typically if someone is an “authority” on something, he/she is good at it. For example, the MTA is planning to spend $20M dollars for these directional floor maps, so people know how to enter and leave a subway . . . Yep, money well spent.

Adapted from Scott Lynch / Gothamist

This annoyance really threw me off, because the timing was completely out of  my control and it messed up my training plans a bit.

Zumba was amazing!!!

I have blogged about my love for my Tuesday Zumba class at Crunch Fitness in Fort Greene. IMG_0621I’m telling you if you are a fan of Zumba, a member of Crunch Fitness, and live in New York City, you should definitely check out this class taught by LaShawn. *I know there are a lot of stipulations with what I just typed.* Yesterday’s class was so full of energy. Perhaps, people were extra turned up because we did not have class last week, due to The 4th of July. I really had a blast and the instructor even gave me a shout out by thanking me for constantly coming to her class. I mean, it’s one of my favorite Zumba classes sponsored by Crunch and I really hate missing her class. Now, that wack one on Monday, I can do without 😉

I’m probably behind the times, but I am really loving this song, “One Wine” by Machel Montano Ft. Major Lazer. As a matter of fact, I’m going to play this song right now. IMG_0620

It was my favorite song for the class. However, I may have to start wearing an athletic supporter because my man region was a little after all the gyrating, bouncing, and dancehall wining from this song.


My 3 mile run may have affected my Zumba performance, because I did not burn as many calories or hit my cardio peak zone like I normally do. I felt like I was “Zumba’ing” pretty hard but FitBit reported otherwise. Usually, I spend about half of the class in my peak and regular cardio zones. Oh well . . . there is always next week.

I love my (somewhat) new running shoes

I have never been one to rave over running shoes but this pair is so amazing. Often I feel like I’m running and/or walking on air. I have to say these probably are the best pair of running shoes that I have EVER worn. That’s saying a lot, because I can be somewhat of a hater. Shoot, I may go back to the running store and buy another pair this weekend.


That’s all for this issue of Random Wednesday. Happy running and training.

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