Back to my Favorite Zumba Class and DUH!!!

IMG_0459I finally had a chance to revisit one of my favorite Zumba classes at Crunch Fitness (Fort Green location, Tuesdays, 7pm with LaShawn). I have been MIA from this particular class for about 4 weeks. When I miss this class, I go to a good one on Wednesdays, so it’s not a big deal. After class, I was quite surprised that I remembered most of the moves AND I was able to reclaim my spot on the floor. I know that this class do not have reserved spaces, but some people feel like it’s their God given right to claim a particular space. You know, the kind who asks you to move to another bike in Spin class, because you are on “his/her” bike. *Ok, I’m getting off topic*

So the “DUH” part

For the longest time, I was trying to find some of the songs that are featured in this class. After reading another person’s blog entry about tips for Zumba, it was recommended that I use Shazam to get the playlist. Hell, I cannot believe that I did not even think about that. Hell #2, I had forgotten that Shazam was even on my iPhone. Hell #3, Shazam has an auto Shazam feature, so you can let it go and it will detect most of the songs without having to tell it to. Now, I finally have most of the playlist from the class and I already have purchased the majority of the songs. #Instant Gratification.

Even though I was able to get most of the playlist, the song that I really wanted was “unShazamable”. I guess I have to ask LaShawn in two weeks for that one.  My favorites from this selection are “Bouje” by J. Perry and “Sal a Bailar” by Victor Manuelle. Oh an maybe “MILF”, which I already had, but of the booty popping.

Relax, Relate, Release

tenorSince last Thursday, some personal crap has really gotten me down. I’m pretty much an upbeat kind of guy and things rarely get me down more that a day or two. So, today’s Zumba class helped me forget about about my person crap, at least for 45 minutes. However, I do not think that I was in my normal grove in today’s class.


Normally, I have a 1:1 ratio of time spent in my cardio and peak zones during this particular class. Clearly, I was not going as hard as I normally do for maximum effect. Oh well, all of your efforts can’t be good ones.

That’s all folks. A simple post, for a simple man.


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