Adding Body Weight Exercises to your Runs

Not visiting the gym as much is one thing that I dislike about training for a full or half marathon. One of my issues is that I check out on  further exercises after my run.

My process is as follows: change into running clothes at the gym, go for the run outside, tell myself that I will do extra exercises at the gym, return to the gym, say “F” the extra exercises, stretch, shower, and go home (or to the bar).

To keep my mind in exercise mode, I think that I will incorporate more body weight exercises after my shorter runs. I found this article (The Full-Body Playground Workout“), published on The Greatist website. Most of these exercises require a park bench, some swings, monkey bars, and your determination. Since I do my shorter training runs early in the morning (well not today), I will not have to compete with children for the playground equipment.

Here are a few of the toning exercises that I plan to incorporate into my shorter training runs.

Upper Body

  1. Park Bench Push-Up

  2. Triceps Dip

  3. Pullup

Lower Body

  1. Bench Jump

  2. Lateral Step-Up With Hip Abduction

  3. Elevated Back Lunge

  4. Jump Squat


  1. Swing Knee Tuck

  2. Swing Criss-Cross

  3. Alternating Leg Swing Plank

We will see how the plan works out!


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