Friday Night Runs = FoMo

Due to some intense issues at work, Pride weekend festivities, and my birthday on sunday, I decided to do a run on a Friday night around 10pm. I know that I will not have the time or energy to fit in a run this weekend. 

Random: I decided to volunteer for the Front Runners 5 mile Run. What was I thinking?  Here I am waiting for the train at 5:10 am. 

Keep in mind that I did not sleep at all after my run (stress and uncertainty give me insomnia).  We shall see if I will crash and burn today, because I have a birthday lunch after the race  and other shenanigans after lunch. 

My run was horrible. 

When/How did I become so slow? I know that I wasn’t running much after my back injury but I did other types of cardio to stay in somewhat decent shape. I struggled through my 5.5 mile run (it was supposed to be 6.5).

From Bed Stuy to the LES.


If tonight’s (technically, last night) run is any indication of how I will perform for the marathon in November, I should hang up my brand new running shoes right now. Granted this is only week 2 of my marathon training, I figured that my pace would be a little faster. 

FoMo -Fear of Missing out

Obviously running on Friday night from Bed Stuy, through Williamsburg, to the LES, I ran pass people enjoying their night out on the town. I was a little jealous because I really could have gone for a drink (or five), especially after the week I had. Sorry my fellow runners, I enjoy hanging out more than running.  Getting on the J train at 5am and seeing all the people come home from their night have me feeling Fomo all over again. 
This was not meant to be a wordy post, but more of a photo post of some of the night time views during my run. I rarely run at night (I’m usually out having fun), so it’s a different feeling/experience for me. 

Night shadow
Williamsburg Savings Bank
One river away from Manhattan

People coming to enjoy Manhattan night life
People eat crap like this? Seems a little gross
This song has been stuck in my head since Spain but am beginning to love it.

That’s enough out of me, maybe I will sleep for the rest of my train ride to Central Park. 

Happy weekend. 


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