Week 1 of Marathon Training 

Total miles this week: 13 (Hey, you gotta start somewhere)

This week can be summed up with one word – “REGRET”

I am not going to start this post with a whole “woe is me” story. But, I kind of struggled this week with my training plan. I did the training runs, but they were kind of tough. Running targets different muscles that I have ignored during my off season. After my first run (3 miles), the front of both of my quads were so sore. There was quite a bit of soreness walking up and down stairs.

So, I regret not doing more during my off season. Perhaps, I should have ran 1-2 times a week, just to keep those muscles (specific to running) active. It’s too late for the should’ve s, could’ve s, you just have to keep pushing on with what you got and learn from your mistakes.

Next phase of training

According to MY ASICS training app, I will begin Phase 2 of my training program, “Getting faster”.

Hopefully, next week’s training update will be a little more cheerful.

Getting some new kicks

With my raggedy feet, I have been known to run a pair of shoes in the ground. My Soucy running shoes that have lasted two years are no exception.

The old

The new

The new shoes are New Balance M880’s (a product review to come shortly). I visited the Super Runners Shop in downtown Brooklyn to pick up some new kicks.

While looking a the various colorful and shiny shoes, I had to laugh a little bit because the sales rep pretty much said that my type of running shoe is very outdated. She also told me that the shoemakers soles/cushion like my previous running shoes anymore. I have a feeling that shoemakers want to make running shoes look less like running shoes and more like shoes a person can wear everyday (IMO). After trying on so 8 pairs of shoes, I finally settled on the ones pictured above.

Once I find a brand of shoe that I like, I tend to stick with it because my feet are very … special (aka a hot mess).

The sad part about this picture is that I just had a pedicure three weeks ago. I need a very wide shoe, because I have a random bump that pushes out on my right foot. The bump has caused some concern with my physician but I have had it longer than I can remember. Plus, it does not cause any pain, so my physician recommended that I let it be until it causes pain.

Overall at the Super Runners Store, the process of selecting the shoes was pretty straightforward and the sales rep was very helpful and knowledgeable. I did not like the fact that the store did not have a treadmill for trying out the shoes before purchasing them. Ever running store that I have visited in the past had treadmills, so you can try out the shoes in a real situation and so you can observe your running gait and how & where your feet land. *I will be sure to note this issue in my yelp review.* As we all know, running shoes are not cheap, and a person wants to make sure that he/she is buying the best product. So far, I am wearing the shoes around town and I have not had any issues. Hopefully, I will not have any issues while running.

Upcoming Goals:

Since training for a marathon is about improving yourself, I will end my weekly training reports with 1-2 training goals that I will incorporate for the upcoming week and through my training plan.

  1. Begin logging my food to match my nutritional goals.
  2. Start fixing up my music playlists, tailored for specific runs (e.g. long runs, tempo runs, intervals, hills, etc.).  


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