Tuesday Zumba Class May Have Some Competition

Ok, I am one of those people who can manage to hate on anything. Today, that changed  . . . a little bit. This week, I could not attend one of my favorite Zumba class, which is held on Tuesdays. What luck did I have in finding a Zumba class at the Crunch Fitness Express near my job.

I do have to say that I was absolutely AMAZED with the class, taught by Amber D (Crunch Fitness-Crown Heights). Everything was on point – the choreography, the music, the instruction, and the intensity. You really could tell that the instructor put time into her playlist because there was a great variety: Latin, Hip Hop, Pop, and East Asian and the music fit together. If there is one that annoys me is when an instructor  breaks up/stops the class  and skip through songs  to find the “right” one.  I loved every minute of the class; I wished that it lasted longer than 60 minutes.

In terms of cardio, the class was perfect. I pretty much spent 50% of the class in my peak cardio zone and burned about 808, according to my fitbit.



It’s great to know that I have another option if I cannot make my Tuesday night Zumba class.

Ok, a little bit of hating. The only negative thing, which is out of the control of the instructor, is Crunch Fitness Express. The “express” component of the gym means that there is no towel service, so I cannot shower after class.

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