First Marathon Training Run (1 out of 72 runs)

As Jesse Spano once said: “I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m soooo scared”

During this training period, I will not write about every single run, just the importance ones. Usually,  the first in a training series is important.

Why is my apt so darn hot? 

My first run started off with a slight annoyance. There is something weird with my apt building in that it holds heat forever and day. I had a hard time sleeping last night; I slept naked and even put ice packs in my bed to keep cool. Waking up earlier than my alarm to start my run was one benefit of a crappy night of rest. Many people know that I HATE waking up earlier than I have to.

My apt’s temperature and lack of sleep are concerning, because rest is very important for recovery periods during training.

The run

Today’s run was an easy run 3 miles. Basically, I did a few loops in Saratoga Park, which is small little park my neighborhood.


I have a feeling that this seal sprinkler in the playground will become my best  friend. It was so refreshing.


During my run, I noticed significant differences between my Fitbit Surge and the Runtastic app.

My Fibit Surge registered 3.0 miles; whereas, the Runtastic app clocked 3.28 miles. I have a feeling that the Fitbit may be more accurate. The Runtastic app is on my iPhone, which I keep in my pocket during my runs, so I have a feeling the constant back and forth movement of my shorts make is causing the discrepancy. I guess, I will truly know which one is correct after my first race during this training period.

Weight and fat percentage tracking


I know that I never lose a significant amount weight for these long distance training programs (I rarely focus on the nutritional aspects of a training program) but I really want to drop a few pounds this time around. Word on the street is that my 20th high school reunion is coming up in 2018 (where does the time go?) and a bitch wanna be HOT. To focus on nutrition, I think that I will have to start cooking more and doing my own food prep. I probably will blog about some nutrition plan in the near future.

So, I will be tracking my weight and body fat % on a bimonthly schedule. Here’s my first weigh in  (I’m a little chunky):

  • Weight 199.8 lbs
  • Fat % 25.7

That’s all for now. Here to a fun (and injury free) marathon training program.

What are you running goals for the next 4-5 months?

What nutritional program do you follow while training?

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