My obliques are sore (A Zumba post)

Over the past few months, I have been attending Zumba classes at various Crunch Gyms throughout Brooklyn. Mainly, I started doing Zumba because the classes were low impact enough for me to do after coming off of my herniated disc injury from earlier this year. Also, I love Latin music. 

Since I attend 3-5 classes a week – Mondays, Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays. Well Monday class is Cardio groove but it is more or less the same stuff.  Below are a few fitbit reports from my workouts. 

Great workout, huh? Too bad I blow all the results by drinking like a fish and eating crap. Oh well. 

Ok so the reason for this post. We had a sub in yesterday’s class and she was a million times better than our current instructor. So much hip shaking/thrusting/gyrating to work the Abs. I find that our current instructor’s routines are way too static. I guess it is becauseof the   cheerleading that she used to do back in the day. 

A couple of funny/annoyances I have noticed:

Many times I am the only guy in the class and I get the whole you kept up very well with the women. 

  • Geez, I’m not a great dancer but I can hold a decent rhythm and move to a beat …unless there is too much arm movement. For some reason I cannot coordinate my lower and upper half of my body. 

If there is another guy in the class, he tells me how nice it is to have another guy in the class.

  • What does another guy in the class have to do with anything? Actually, I take that back. Oftentimes I find myself dancing harder when there is another guy because I don’t want to be the worse guy. 

My biggest pet peeve. When the instructors do not have their playlists on point. 

  • After a cardio-rich song, it bugs me when an instructor is skipping over tracks to find the “right” one. Ummmmmm some of us are trying to keep our heart rates up. You don’t already your playlist ready?!!!

Back to work so I get to Tuesday’s class tonight. 

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