Get off of that booty

I have been trying other modes of cardio in lieu of running. I haven’t given up on running; I just want to do other things (like focus on strength training) during my brief running hiatus. Here is the thing, unless I am doing something outdoors, I hate doing cardio indoors (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, etc.). One good thing about being a member of a moderately priced gym, like Crunch Fitness, is that there are ample random ass classes that one can attend. 
Recently, I have been attracted to the dance-based classes, like Zumba. But, I found a great class at the Park Slope Crunch location.  

Although from it’s discription, the class seems a little basic buuuuut it really burns the calories. Not only is it a general dance class, it incorporates at lot of body weight exercises, like tricep dips and burpees. There is a lot of twerking and booty pooping but I like to tweek and booty pop, so it’s all good in my book. Plus, the instructor is really nice and down to earth. I gonna make it my goal to attend this class every Monday. 

What do you do, cardio-wise, when you are not running?

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