Facing disappointment

Quick Points 

  1. Last long run
  2. Something new
  3. Oh no

1. Last long run

I finally have reached the end of the weekly long run portion of my training “plan”. I wanted to do something different, so I did this 12 mile run in Prospect Park. I mainly selected this place because I know that the park has decent inclines, which I need to focus on. Plus, I wanted to see some new scenery, because the majority of NYRR runs take place in Central Park. Also, Prospect Park is not as annoyingly crowded, compared to Central Park

The route – three loops

Pics from the run


Fake vitamin refreshment post run.

Song of the run



Not a big reggaeton fan but good song, nonetheless. 

The disappointment:


After this long run, I KNOW that I will not get a personal best for the Half-Marathon (the original goal was to run a sub 1:45 run) ….Hell, I will be lucky if I crack sub 2 hours. Rather than focusing on the negative and beating myself, I am going to look forward to running the Montreal Half-Marathon in one of my favorite cities in North America; enjoying the Race Expo; snapping plenty of shots during the run; and ingesting a plate of poutine and a liter or two of beer.

2. Something new. 

For my low impact cardio workout, I wanted to return to the Wednesday Dance Cardio Blast class at my local Crunch Fitness. Buuuuuuuuut, once again, my gym randomly changed the class at the last moment. So Dance Cardio Blast became this:


At first, I was a little apprehensive about the class, but I had a BLAST. I kind of wish that my Fitbit Surge battery did not die, because I wanted to see how many calories I burned and how many steps I took. This Masala Bhangra class was not as physically intense as Dance Cardio Blast (this may be a good thing for my back); however, I did enjoy the fact that there was a lot of movement around the dance studio for this class and the music was kind of fun. Hopefully, this class will be back next week

3. Oh no

For my long run, I forgot my compression sleeves for my legs because I got distracted talking with my friend on the phone. So now, I feel a little tenderness in my left shin, which could be an aggravated shin split or the beginning of a stress fracture (hence the “Oh No”). A few years ago,  I had a stress fracture in my left leg, so I am a little scared that I may have done it again. It seems like everything has gone wrong for this marathon, now half-marathon training: 1. back injury, 2. oppressive summer heat, and now, 3. potential stress fracture. Hopefully, this “injury” will be mild and blow over in a couple of days.

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