(Off) Tempo Run

Today, I did a tempo 6mile run and it was a hot mess. First, I started the run way later than I had anticipated, so the sun was super hot. I did a simple 6 mile (well 5.83 miles) run from my gym across the Williamsburg Bridge and back. I really tried to keep my pace below 8:30min/mi, but the weather made it a little (a lot) difficult. Also, I am annoyed that I had to walk 3-5 times during run when I was in direct sunlight.  😦 

The route

For this upcoming half-marathon (only 24 days left), I am fully aware that I will not get a personal best. I think that my goal will be to run a sub 2hour half. Perhaps, the cooler weather of Montreal and being in competition mood will allow me to crack 1:45, but I will not be disappointed if I do not make this time. 

One good thing about today’s run was that I was able to do some hill work (although it was a struggle) by running across the Williamsburg bridge twice. The Manhattan to Brooklyn part of the bridge has two inclines. 

Song of the run. 

M.I.A.’s “URAQT” (meant to sound like You are a cutie). It reminds me of my fun days ( circa ’04 or ’05) living it up Manhattan without a care in the world. 
Nice go-go dance beat to help you get and stay going. The sampling of the theme song from “Sandford and Son” doesn’t hurt either. 

Nonsong of the run

I know this has been the “song of the run” a couple of times, but I am so sick of hearing it. I really am about to delete it from my music library. 

That is it for me because my Cardio Dance Blast class is about to begin.

Next training run:

 I think that I will do a 12 mile run that incorporates Brooklyn and lower Manhattan on Saturday. 

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