I’m Getting there 

Quick update.

  1. Running update
  2. Music selection
  3. Zumba

1. Running update

This has been a very ho hum week with regards to training. Due to scheduling and lack of getting my sh*t together, many of my quick (speed work) and recovery runs have been on a treadmill. But, it is good to change up your running surfaces once in a while. Normally, I dislike running on treadmills but, like I said, it was been tough getting my sh*t together. 

Yesterday, I had a nice 9.3 mile run (it was supposed to be a 10miler). I ran it a around a 9:10 min/mile pace, because I have been reading that one should do the long runs at a min slower pace than what you plan to run the marathon, especially if you are doing speed work during the week. However, I do try to incorporate fartleks in these longer runs after the halfway mark, so I can have a negative split with the second half of the run. 

For this long run, I explored Yorkville (Upper East Side) and Randall’s Island. This route was selected because I had to work on Saturday and I had a 2 hour incubation to do at work… So 10 mile run was perfect to “kill some time.”

The 9.3 mile route
2. Music update
Song of the run
I am still playing around with my playlists for training and the actual marathon. I think that i am going to incorporate more showtunes from Broadway, because many of the songs have a general marching rhythm/cadence to them (especially the dance-heavy musicals). Hell, I may base my marathon run around an actual musical. 

3. Zumba

For my long run recovery, I decided to take a zumba class and I have to admit that I had a blast. Plus the music selection WAS awesome because most of tge songs were NOT reggaeton. Plus, It appears (from my fitbit starts)  that you can burn some major calories. 

zumba work.

I think that I will try to do this Sunday 1230 pm class as a long run cardio recover …. If it does not interfere with any brunch plans. 😉

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